Stepping Stones

by Home Again

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released June 9, 2013

Recorded at Cellar Audio by Jack McCarthy in Yardley, PA
All songs written and performed by Tom Sheipe, Christian Vogler, and Justin Reyes



all rights reserved


Home Again Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: 2 AM
There was so much room for improvement before you ran away
And did all those things you knew we shunned you for

I think about it every night
It's crazy how much it runs through my mind
I gotta keep my head up high
And keep it right behind my eyes

I swear you thought I was stupid
When you came in at 2am with your bloodshot eyes
And if there's one thing that I could tell you now
It'd be that I never really gave up on you

I look at the hole in my wall everyday and I wonder why
I did all those fucked up things to you
Track Name: Sally Can't Come In Today
I stay up half the night and wonder
What the hell I did wrong
And why the hell am I here

I look back on the things that I did
And realized how stupid I was
Why was that worth my time?

Nothing good ever comes my way
It always fades away
Maybe I should get a better taste

Everything falls apart on me
And I need to start over new

I keep thinking of the old times
When everything was simple
When I knew where to draw the line

I tried so hard for everyone
But they turned their backs
So I am done
Track Name: Colorado
Why I did I don't know and I can't explain
But if you sit here and just listen I won't feel insane
I block it out for reasons too good to know
And all I want to do is show you all of my sorrow

I won't let you go
But I need to let you know that

Everything I told you was just a lie
And I'm so astonished that you are still here tonight
Maybe I did but does that change anything?
I knew I should have told you when I was fifteen

This whole thing was such a mess
But I'll go right now and leave you the rest
I'm walking away to see better days
And maybe I will change my ways